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15 January 2007

Knowledge Grows When Shared

So said wise philosopher Bhartrihari (c 450-510). When I started this site, I called it 'The Thinking Blog' for the following reason; here is where I write about things that I like, find useful, and ONLY stuff that I feel is worth sharing. It is about many of the topics that make me think! I hope it will keep you thinking too..

I undertook some minor updates on the blog this past weekend. First of I have completed my profile on MyBlogLog.

What is MyBlogLog? It is were blog authors and blog readers connect. MyBlogLog enables you to take advantage of your existing presence on the Web and ties it into communities of like-minded readers and authors to add context to the conversations in which you take part. Readers can become friends with other people who read your favorite blogs. See what else they're reading. What do they like and what are they ignoring? What are they reading elsewhere on the Web? I think it is important to develop your presence on MyBlogLog, especially now that it has been acquired by Yahoo!

Couple more of the updates are based on few comments that I get late.. I suppose they are late due to reasons such as 'time is very limited', or 'too lazy to type', or the all time (almost) famous 'the cat ate the keyboard'! :-) Don't worry, another way you can leave feedback is by rating the post using the new star ratings found under every entry. These star ratings will also be added to older posts but because they are already read it is not unusual to see that no one has rated them. To give quick feedback on my blog in general, its overall design etc., I added a rate my blog thingy on the sidebar under the 'About this Blog' section.

If you have any tips or suggestions, you can contact me now using the good old email:

[UPDATE: I removed the post and blog ratings because it slowed down the blog loading time a great deal according to comments received by readers in this post and this post]

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