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09 January 2007

Internet Phenomenon

An Internet phenomenon (sometimes called an Internet meme) occurs when something relatively or completely unknown becomes hugely popular, often quite suddenly, through the mass propagation of media content made feasible by the Internet. Check the list of Internet phenomena from Wikipedia. I think being popular brings a lot of fans, but a lot of haters as well.

Here is a video I found on Youtube's most discussed of all time page. Although it had 12100573 views, 34805 ratings, and 8912 comments last time I checked, it still is a waste of time.. so, feel free to skip! I didn't see it before but I think its one of the good ones compared to other (badly done) videos of this sort. It is called "Hey Clip" by Tasha and Dishka:

By the way, let me know if there are better singing and dancing videos than this.

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