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28 December 2006

Real life Pikachu

It may look like a hamster, but is actually a cousin of the rabbit. The pika is also known as the "whistling hare" due to its high-pitched alarm call when diving into its burrow. The name "pika" appears to be derived from the Russian "pikat'", to squeak. Watch the cuteness overload!

Pikas are native to cold climates, mostly in Asia, North America and parts of eastern Europe. Eurasian pikas commonly live in family groups and share duties of gathering food and keeping watch. North American pikas are asocial. In a January 2006 article in the Journal of Biogeography, archeologist Donald Grayson warned that human activity and global climate change appeared to be pushing the American pika population to ever-higher elevations and thus possibly toward extinction.

You want one? Get this cutie cute on your wallpaper here, here or here.

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