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20 December 2006

Desktop Desktop

Desktops; its a place where some of us spend a good deal of their time every day. Occasionally I look at other people's desktop to see what they are using in daily life. This way, I discover great software that help me work more efficiently. I used to look for "desktop" tags in Flickr and DeviantArt but Google Images bring up some as well.

Nowadays, there are blogs dedicated to this: Masaustum, a blog that depends on user submissions and is reviewed by an editor. Sometimes I come across an interesting icon and ask the user about it by leaving a comment. Its a good source of wallpapers at times as well (I have a small screen!). I recently ran into this blog: Calisma Odam, a blog of similar nature but instead of "virtual" desktops, it features users' real desktops! It requires the user to have a camera in order to submit content and not quite useful for encountering new software, but it is interesting nonetheless. Note that both sites are in Turkish. Then again language is not absolutely vital in this type of content. Any suggestions about similar ones in other languages?

I have submitted content to both; you can see my contributions here. Alternatively, if you would like to know more about the programs I use daily, check my previous post.

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