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07 December 2006

Copy Paste Accidents

Have you ever written something long in a website textbox then copied it onto clipboard (Ctrl + C) but for some strange reason it didn't get through, or you accidentally copied something else on it, and lost all your work of last 20 minutes? Well.. that is exactly what happened to me just now!

The built-in Windows clipboard utility's inability of saving multiple entries can sometimes lead to frustration. So, I did some googling to find a good replacement program and came across loads of them that do the same thing. Some of them are free, some not but the most light weight, most stable and the fastest one was this: ClipX

It uses negligible computer resources and provides easy ways for users to access their saved clipboard data. Once it is running, ClipX adds an icon (of your choice!) to your system tray and sits back monitoring your system clipboard. It can remember up to 1024 entries plus it allows you to save and load them in history files. You will notice the improvement in your productivity instantly especially if you use copy and paste a lot!

But then again if you really want to stick with your built-in clipboard, you can see what you last copied using Microsoft's "ClipBook Viewer" by running C:\WINDOWS\system32\Clipbrd.exe ! Wonder why they hid it?

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