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27 November 2006

Desktop Evolution

Looking back over the past few months, it seems like there are significant changes in the way I use my computer. See these screenshots! First, I have discovered two great programs that can gave my computer a more Mac look: RocketDock and Yahoo Widgets. The dock is a quick way to access my favorite software and doesn't seem to put much load on my computer resources.

Widgets simply allows you to put toys on your desktop that you can move them around individually. Like real toys! Not all widgets are toys as some can be informative too, such as the clock, date and weather can be read at a glance. One negative aspect about Yahoo Widgets is that it eats quite a bit of your free RAM space.

Then, I found out that I had more choices to see my windows in just gray or green+blue themes.. with a small patch you can open up the limitation for Msstyles. My choice is the Luna Element 5 Black which is the best Windows Vista like skin out there.

Finally, the only thing missing from my desktop was a calender that would remind me about deadlines, events and important days. After searching the Internet for a bit, the best option seemed to be Rainlender. It comes with a bonus To-do list which is quite useful as well. My skin of choice for this thingy is Exceed.

It's nice to look at now! Then there is the ever lasting change of wallpapers. I can't make any recommendations on that because everyone has a different taste of what they enjoy staring at.

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