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29 November 2006

Creative Amateur

The internet is full of videos made by people who have lots-of-time-on-their-hands (LOTOTH) to be viewed by people who have LOTOTH! The quality of most of them can be quite low since there are no editors, producers or publishers involved. As such, its very hard to find material that you watch and agree that it was worth your time! However, this is a very creative one by Lasse Gjertsen. Genius! I wouldn't want to spoil the fun for you so.. all I can say is it involves a piano, drums and this text at the end: "All the sounds are the actual audio from the original video tape. No alterations has been made other than basic timeline editing...etc" This must have taken a long time to compile. WATCH!

If you enjoyed that, then look at his other work where you can make him beatbox.. PLAY! The Hyperactive Machine game from Lasse Gjertsen's previous video, which I found kind of annoying so I don't recommend it (!) but I am putting it here for reference only. DON'T WATCH!

UPDATE: I found some more creative videos in response to Lasse Gjertsen. Not bad at all!

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